I am currently not pursuing 1:1 coaching at this time, but I am still available on a case-by-case basis to serve you as a Business & Mindset Coach for Christian women entrepreneurs and/or a Life Coach. Email me christpreneurcoach@gmail.com if you are serious about seeing if we are a good fit for a coaching relationship. 

   Erica Evans, an      Emotional Wellness Coach      for women

Erica Evans, an Emotional Wellness Coach for women

How can you know what to expect from working with someone? Learn what others have said about their experience! I hope this helps as a resource for your research and to give you hope that no matter what you are dealing with in your business, there is light at the other end. 

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Since working with Allie, I’ve gotten compliments left and right about my content.

Literally, people have been shouting me out in other Facebook groups and thanking me for providing such high value content to them. I’ve also gotten private messages from random people who I’ve never talked to before telling me that they are fangirling over my posts. IT’S AMAZING!

People are telling me that they are seeing me everywhere and I’m experiencing the real results of showing up and getting visible now. Not only that, but I’ve had ideal clients randomly message me to ask about my services because of my content.

On top of that, I’ve had fellow entrepreneurs see me as their new go-to referral resource when they’re talking to people who resemble my ideal client (new coaches) because my content has allowed them to trust me as the expert in my field.

Visibility has brought so many new (and amazing) opportunities into my business!

I’m so glad that I chose to take the leap of faith, step out of my comfort zone, and invest in Allie’s services. It was scary investing in a coach one-on-one, but I knew that Allie was going to over-deliver on value because she brings it to the table naturally as a coach.

In fact, my time with her was so good during the Visibility Package, that I’ve chosen to continue our coaching relationship for another 3 months!
— Taylor

I had action steps to tackle one of my biggest problems, and the homework felt doable and GOOD to me. And yes, I did it immediately. And it helped!

— Rochelle Sanchez

Joy Martinez - Personal Strengths Empowerment Coach
Allie was a true “joy” to work with. She helped me tackle some mindset roadblocks and gave me tangible affirmations to practice daily to support my business goals. Her strengths shine through her work...I’d highly recommend her to anyone struggling with mindset or confidence issues at any point in your business. She is a shining light, and I just love her faith-based approach.
— Joy Martinez, Personal Strengths Empowerment Coach, strengthsdna.com

...we just had our session today and I had four breakthroughs! Allie, you and your gifts were exactly what I needed and I can’t thank you enough. If anyone is struggling with mindset, get with Allie!
— Audra Coats-Hudson

Allie is a joy to work with! She truly understands the struggles we go through with being women Christian entrepreneurs, and tries to bring a fresh, Godly perspective to handling those struggles while truly living for God!” Her favorite part of working with me: “Realizing more about myself each week!
— Marisa Terrell, Healthy Lifestyle Coach
Allie is the real deal! She has a genuine heart to keep Christ at the center of business and truly empowers women to grow. She truly cares for the women she works with.” Her favorite part of working with me: “Your heart for keeping the Lord at the center of my business and helping me gain better clarity and vision.
— Erin Carmona
Love love love my calls with Allie Davis. To all my lady entrepreneurs, definitely get in touch with Allie and schedule a call. She will help you make some big changes and hit your goals. Couldn’t recommend her more.
— Tori Ubert, Wedding and Event Planner

Click the video to listen to Heather Sue Goucher's video love note directly from her, or read below:

I wanted to give a huge shoutout to Allie Davis. If you feel like you are in a place where your mind is bogged down, you have no direction, you have things you feel are holding you back but you can’t pinpoint them? Allie helped me identify things that I need to focus and work on to better myself and my business. Know that Allie is amazing and is such a blessing. You won’t regret working with her.
— Heather Sue Goucher

Allie = Amazing! I had just brought my business to the online space and I was not confident in my actions and wasn’t sure I was even taking the right actions. I hired Allie to help me create a Visibility Game Plan. After just one week of working with Allie I was already receiving calls from potential clients. I loved getting to work with Allie because I felt like not only was I investing in my business but so was she. She took the time to get to know me and my business and helped teach me and guide me in a way that worked for me. I highly recommend her! <3
— Catherine Calmes


 "I was able to work with Allie and get to the root of some of my fears...fear of failure and fear of success. She was extremely helpful in walking me through the next steps in gaining clarity and a vision for content. Thank you, Allie!"  Monique Horb,  Organizing Your Chaos

"I was able to work with Allie and get to the root of some of my fears...fear of failure and fear of success. She was extremely helpful in walking me through the next steps in gaining clarity and a vision for content. Thank you, Allie!"

Monique Horb, Organizing Your Chaos