What the Bible Says About Manifesting

Are you a Christian entrepreneur who isn't sure what to think when people talk about manifesting money in their business but you know that your priority is to honor God and stay true to His Word? If so, this is the blog post is for you!

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What is manifesting?

The top google search result shows an article from applythelawofattraction.com titled “What is Manifesting: How to Manifest What You Want.” They define manifesting as intentionally creating what you want. This article is the kind of thing you probably come across at least occasionally if you spend much time seeking answers on how to become a profitable business.

If you explore what these people are talking about, you’ll find that manifesting is based on the idea of using the “law of attraction” to bring money into your life.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction states: "by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life."


Let me be clear in that I have not extensively studied manifesting and I am not trying to write a thesis here so I’m sure I’ll leave things out. If you notice something is missing, I encourage you to comment because my intention with this post is to open up the conversation about manifesting with Christians while giving some biblical principles around it. From what I’ve gathered, different coaches and influencers describe the process of manifesting differently. In this post I’ll dive into 3 components of manifesting that I’ve seen and discuss what the bible says about it. I’ll start by sharing the parts of it that I believe are true and biblical and then bring up where it can become misaligned.


Three Elements of Manifesting

  1. What you think about, you bring about (the Law of Attraction)

  2. We all have a vibration or frequency that welcomes or blocks financial abundance.

  3. The Power of the Subconscious mind that manifests money that is at work and makes things happen.


Okay, starting with number 1…


What You Think About You Bring About

(The Law of Attraction)


The bible supports this concept, not as a total 100% correlation but as a general principle in life. And truth be told I really doubt that any advocate of manifesting would argue there is a 100% correlation between the thoughts we have and the reality we experience.


Consider the intuitively true statement “what you focus on you find.”


Here’s a little exercise to prove the point:

  1. Think about the color blue.

  2. Now look around you for the color blue. I bet you see a lot of blue.

  3. Can you recall any yellow? Probably not.

  4. Now look for yellow. You probably found a lot more yellow than you originally noticed.


If you are thinking about what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy (as Philippians 4:8 calls us to do), for the most part that is what you’ll find. That puts you in a positive state focusing on positive ideas and opportunities and this leads to positive action and the best results possible.


I HIGHLY recommend reading “The Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer to see in depth examples of how our thoughts affect our lives. Seriously, God used this book to transform my life. This is an affiliate link but I promise I am not overstating its impact on me. For any negative mindset we deal with that is causing havoc in your life, the bible gives us positive and empowering to replace those thoughts with. The bible is clear that our thoughts matter, affect our heart, our words and our actions.


  • Romans 1:28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.



  • Proverbs 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.


Also there’s the element of you need to think about what you want in order to have clarity in what you want, set goals, make a plan and then execute the plan. So that is another explanation for what you think about you bring about.


However, you could come across examples where “what you think about you bring about” becomes unbiblical (and unrealistic.) The video “The Secret” on YouTube shares about the law of attraction and encourages people to literally just think about checks coming to their mailbox, expecting them to appear. That steers into mysticism. Mysticism is the belief characterized by self-delusion or dreamy confusion of thought, especially when based on the assumption of occult qualities or mysterious agencies. If there is supernatural power going on, it is either from God or from satan. Sometimes demons really could work to help you achieve your vision board. But if they are doing that, their intention is to steal, kill and destroy so ultimately whatever "blessing” came about though the power of evil, the spiritual cost you paid will be far greater than your gain.

What I’ve found is that different teachers have varying degrees of mysticism when it comes to manifesting. However, to not flirt with sin, I avoid the term “manifesting.” I think if we are honest with ourselves, usually when we are intrigued about manifesting, it is really about wanting a short cut to profits versus dealing with the learning curve of growing a business.

#christianentrepreneurs - Curious about #manifesting? Remember if it leads you to mysticism as a short cut to profits, whatever "blessing” came about though the power of evil, the spiritual cost you paid will be far greater than your gain. #christianbusiness

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Now for number 2…


Vibrations or Frequencies that Welcome or Block Financial Abundance


I have heard it argued that our frequency is a physics thing that can be scientifically proven. I am no physics expert but I certainly believe that if God created the world in a certain way, it is not up to Christians to deny what God has allowed science to reveal about His earth.


Also, the idea that we emit some kind of energy that affects people is a truth that we have all experienced. For instance, if someone comes into a room full of life and energy, it can affect the whole room. The same goes with a Debbie downer. You may have even expressed this phenomena and said “I love your vibe” or “I love your energy” to someone.


Additionally, as discussed in topic number one - our thoughts and mindset matter. In this way, if we have negative feelings towards money (or mixed feelings, many times in the Christian world due to misinterpreted scripture) we very well could be resisting money. Sometimes this happens at a subconscious level. For example, sometimes entrepreneurs don’t even realize the reason they aren’t promoting their services is because they feel like it is selfish to ask people who need something to pay for it.

Furthermore, if we have a scarcity mindset and our “energy” around money is fear, we are less likely to take the risk required to make and maximize greater wealth. The reality is that hoarding cash will actually lose you money because of inflation. I’m not giving out investment advice but personally I keep my 2% savings account relatively low because I want my non-emergency fund money working for me. I do that through the Robinhood app which allows me to invest in stocks - for free. They gave me a free stock for joining and they’ll do the same for you. I’ll be straight forward in letting you know that if you use this link, they’ll give me another free one for inviting you. Whether you go through me or not, this is a fantastic practical tool to have courage, believe you can always make more money, and invest so you can beat inflation and gain wealth.

Do the physics of their vibration matter in this situation? I’d argue no. The point is that if you are resistant to receiving money, you’ll have a hard time making decisions and taking action that lead to you making money. Sometimes it can be such a problem that there is straight up self-sabotage. Therefore it’s important to check with yourself if you are truly open to receiving, but not because of a potentially mystic belief about your vibration.

And finally number 3…


The Power of the Subconscious Mind


The subconscious mind is an accepted element of psychology. It is the part of our mind that is not in current awareness. This is necessary for us to function. We can focus on things like reading this blog post because we don’t need to consciously focus on our breathing and digestion and the hundreds of other processes our bodies do simultaneously while we live our lives. How amazing that God created our mind to work in that way. Undoubtedly the subconscious is powerful and useful.


Another example of the subconscious mind that is closer to something you sometimes consciously think about is if you’ve ever accidentally driven to the wrong destination. You weren’t consciously thinking about where you were going so your muscle memory and subconscious mind took you somewhere else.


In the previous topic I alluded to having subconscious resistance to money. This happens all the time and that is one reason why mindset work is so important. However, just as the reason to work through that resistance is not because of the physics going on with your body, it is also not because there is something mystic going on with your subconscious mind. It matters because thoughts and beliefs create feelings which create actions which create results. Sometimes those beliefs aren’t at the forefront of your mind, but they still affect your feelings, actions and results.


Besides potentially turning the subconscious mind into something mystical instead of scientific, this idea can also cross the line if it turns the subconscious mind into a god and also overstates its power. Honestly I haven’t seen a lot of coaches in the online space idolizing the subconscious mind, but I do believe the book “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” does in various parts.


Is manifesting biblical?


My answer is that it depends on what you mean by manifesting. If your interpretation of manifesting is all you need to do is think about something and not take action, no. If results are attributed to mysticism, no. If the results glorify your mind instead of God, no.


But if it’s referring to creating something in life based on visualizing what God has called you to, focusing on it, maintaining a positive mindset, diligently following through with the actions required and then receiving the fruits of your labor, then yes.


As I noted earlier, I steer away from the word “manifesting” because there’s enough resources out there about how to build a business and make money that are clearly not going in the direction of mysticism. Also as someone who speaks to Christians, I know it’s a word that a lot of Christians are unsure of and I’d rather use language that my audience feels totally comfortable with.


Comment with your greatest take away, your opinions or with any questions you still have about manifesting! If you feel this post would be helpful for people you know, then please share.


Want this material to sink in? Here’s the video I shared on What the Bible Says About Manifesting.

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