How I Went from Hating Myself to Empowering Others With Confidence

I remember way back, middle school, maybe elementary, I would literally write out “I hate myself” over and over. I felt so powerless and so defeated. Those kinds of feelings continued to be an underlying theme in my life and I struggled with chronic depression because of the negative thoughts I believed. 

There were several turning points, but with every single turning point, whether it be when I decided to go to counseling, when I committed to consistent personal development reading, when I read “Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer, each of those turning points made a difference because I made a conscious decision to chose to be accept the positive messages and reject my old, but familiar negative beliefs. 

As I went through those experiences, I felt a lot of internal tension. In a way, I didn’t want to believe I was worthy of great things. I didn’t want to accept the peace and unconditional love that God has already given me. But fortunately it no longer was an option to live in self-hate because I so badly wanted a different life and I never wanted to live outside of God's truth so I chose to accept the positive and reject the negative as lies. And that’s what I’m encouraging you to do as well!

In the midst of this mindset transformation, God prompted me to share my story online with a blog. I knew I would love the freedom lifestyle that came with entrepreneurship but at the time I struggled to even admit that I wanted it to blossom into something full-time. I literally had a blog post where I suggested money making ideas and when I mentioned blogging I added in that I didn’t expect MY blog to make money. Why did I do that?

Even though I came a long way, I still didn’t have confidence.

Actually, within a few months of blogging I became intrigued with coaching.  I don’t particularly love writing and I definitely dislike the technical side of it. But I wasn’t sure how to begin. I was unsure whether to get certified or not, and if so, where at? And what if I didn't get any clients? So I pushed that idea to the side. Why?

I didn’t have confidence.

At the time I didn’t see it as a confidence issue. I thought I was being realistic with my blog expectations. I thought I was just overwhelmed and possibly lazy with the coaching confusion but now that I have more confidence, (and have decided to go for what I really felt called to, which is Mindset and Business Coaching) I see what was really going on.

The quicker we can identify where a lack of confidence is holding us back, the sooner we can take courageous action and fail forward or experience success. Yes, this journey constantly takes me out of my comfort zone but the most important result of all is that sharing my story inspires others, grows me as a person and deepens my faith in God, all of which is honoring to God.

I want to hear YOUR story now. Leave a comment with a decision you made either out of confidence or insecurity and the result you got!

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