How Building a Business Built Me Up Spiritually

God created each of us with unique gifts and visions. Certain needs tug at each of our hearts differently and everyone has a unique approach to solve it. God created us to work together like that, the church working together, each of us with a different role. 

For me, God gifted me with an entrepreneurial spirit. I tried to ignore it because my upbringing told me it was foolish but I know that God made me the way I am for a reason. Even though my beginnings in business weren't particularly financially successful, what I learned was more valuable than any money I made. And that is that the challenge and the faith and the character development that is required to build an authentic, impactful AND profitable business are exactly what I needed to catalyze my relationship with God. 

I grew up in the church and always believed. I officially accepted Christ in 7th grade but even during the seasons where I was plugged into the church and passionate, somehow spending consistent time with the Lord alluded me. And when I did spend time, it often was dry. 

Part of that is because I struggled with depression and allowed thoughts of hopelessness, fear and discouragement to take over, despite the truth of the Word that speaks of hope and courage. Somehow or another, I seemed to lack the motivation.

Until I went all-in pursuing an online fitness coaching business. My desire for significance and financial freedom inspired me but I found that I DIDN'T have what it takes. And when I knew I needed to be more to do more, I turned to God who I know is a God of transformation. I knew the kind of character that all of these personal development books wrote about was totally aligned with the fruits of the Spirit. I started to understand how mindset impacts our lives and renewing my mind took on a whole new meaning. 

I know for some building a business and pursuing God can feel like opposite pursuits. But what I have found is that entrepreneurship forces me to put action to my faith and overall my intention is to not balance between the two but rather align myself with God's will for me in all areas of life. 

Sometimes the information we find as entrepreneurs isn't aligned with scripture and that is why I felt called to be a Christian voice in the entrepreneurial world to show Christians the truth of the Word and communicate how the bible gives us the mindset and strategy behind purpose-driven profits so we can make the impact to which God called us. 

Comment to let me know if you are an entrepreneur. If so, how has building a business impacted your spiritual walk?

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