But how can you go about that? As a someone stepping into your role as an influencer, after getting clear on who you serve and what you offer, the next steps are to get visible and connect with potential clients by growing your know-like-and-trust factor, and learn how to sell in an authentic, servant leader way.  Sales begin with relationships, and relationships are developed through engagement. But relationships can't even start if someone doesn't know who you are! That's why visibility is important. 

One of the best and easiest ways to connect with potential clients for your business is through Facebook groups! However, I know you value authenticity and putting God first in your business so you would never want to feel icky or salesy. 

I want to help aspiring Christian women entrepreneurs with those beginning steps and to do so I created the FREE "How to Authentically Engage (and Sell) in Facebook Groups" mini e-book.

*Grow your know, like and trust with others
*Develop relationships
*Attract amazing clients

Specifically you'll learn the mindset and strategy behind authentically engaging in facebook groups.

Grab your copy of "How to Authentically Engage (and Sell) in Facebook Groups"
Receive your free mini e-book to jump start your on-line influence for your business, followed by support around faith-focused mindset and authentic strategy.

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