I share liberating truth to empower Christian women to find freedom from feminist influence and live as godly women. 

Allie Davis, Mindset + Business Coach - https://www.courageousinchrist.com

Here's my story:

I didn't realize how limited my living was until I experienced a co-worker cussing me out in my office at work. At the time I blamed myself, and not in an empowering way. My inner bully came out and I felt I really had nothing to offer the world. As a Christian for my whole life I knew verses in my head that could help the situation but it wasn't until I spent two years in counseling that I really began to see major mindset shifts in my life.

At that point I felt led to create an impact on-line so I started a blog called "Liberating Grace" (that no longer exists.) God led me through a journey that included Beachbody fitness coaching as a network marketer, which taught me the habit of reading personal development books daily. Those mindset shifts were huge and I realized I wanted to share more about that. Particularly how the bible actually gives us the wisdom that I found in secular books.

I wanted to give God the credit, not science, not our sub-conscious mind, not humanity.

I decided to become a Mindset Coach for Christian women entrepreneurs. I quickly decided to support them with business strategy as well because I believe that once we come from the right mindset, action is critical and I didn't want to leave my clients hanging on what action to actually take.

I'm a wife and a stay-at-home mom of two young girls. Throughout the pregnancy and as I took time on my "maternity leave" from the online space and my facebook group, God called me to approach my online biznistry from a different angle. Rather than focusing on creating an impact and income on-line, focus on influence. God's word for me is to rest in letting my husband be the provider while I grow this ministry.

For several months I prayed for clarity on the direction of my online presence. I found it when I saw the antagonistic response to the blog post "Men Prefer Debt Free Virgins Without Tattoos" by Lori Alexander, The Transformed Wife. Yes she didn't add a bunch of fluff and yes some of her ideas are more conservative than many probably ever considered. This creates shock value and defensiveness. However, Alexander didn't say anything about salvation being lost or women's lives being irredeemable should they have a tattoo. She simply gave good, biblical, true but unpopular advice to young women. And she got a ton of hate for it. I believe the root issue is postmodernism and feminism. This incident inspired me to shift my message to identify destructive feminist influence and replace it with biblical truth. 

On a lighter more personal side, I'll share a little about me. I love to dance and exercise with my three year old while the baby watches us with bewildered eyes. I'm from Edmond, Oklahoma and I love to travel! (Although travel plans are on hold for now.)

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