I'm a mindset + business coach for new or struggling Christian women entrepreneurs who want to fulfill God's calling and support their families.

Allie Davis, Mindset + Business Coach - https://www.courageousinchrist.com

I empower women to fight fear through spiritual growth and to break down limiting beliefs so that they can breakthrough to the profitable and fulfilling business to which God called them. Additionally, I support them with strategy so they can take courageous action.

So often Christian women feel that they are being nonspiritual and selfish when they take a leap of faith to pursue their dreams. However, that is furthest from the truth! The enemy loves an apathetic Christian that has accepted mediocrity in their lives.

God called us to be a light and enjoy the fullness of life. That fullness involves risk. Where in the bible does God say "get a good job with good benefits so you can be secure"? No where! Our job is to live with purpose, give God glory and have faith in Him. To grow a successful business, you need faith.

I have found that entrepreneurship has stretched my character and my faith and I love to help other women grow in Christ as they grow their businesses as well. 


On the personal side, I am a wife and a mom to a toddler girl who loves to dance as much as her mama. I'm from Edmond, Oklahoma and I love to travel!

Btw, I have a treat for you. One of my first strategies that attracted 3 clients before I had a website was using facebook groups to make connections with people. I know you don't want to feel icky or salesy with this so I created a free mini e-book to help you with this so you can get started. 

Download my free e-book, How to Authentically Engage (and Sell) in Facebook Groups: