I’m a Christian, wife, mom of three girls (one of the way!) and founder of this blog, Wholehearted Homemaker. I identity underlying limiting beliefs and struggles that steal women’s peace, purpose and joy as moms and homemakers and replace them with God’s truth and wisdom. Additionally I share practical tips and personal experiences because sometimes a small tweak makes a world of difference. I believe God often puts more than our spouse and kids on our hearts, so I am on a journey to thrive in and prioritize my role as a wholehearted homemaker while balancing other purpose driven pursuits.

This blog will serve you whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a work-at-home mom or you want to become one. Money might be tight, you aren’t sure how to balance your side hustle and being a mom, you suffer from mom guilt, overwhelm, depression, anxiety, a lack of energy and/or mom burn out. Whatever your challenge, there are solutions. While you are working through your challenges, you can find joy in the midst of your struggle. Through Christ, we can find freedom from the lies of the enemy and experience His peace, which transcends human understanding (Philippians 4 shares all about this!)

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For me, it’s been a struggle to balance a desire for entrepreneurship and a resistance to homemaking. I’d much rather learn about social media than cleaning. I had not originally intended to be a sahm and homemaker. In fact, homemaker is a title I still resist (it’s a work in progress!) but God has been working on me to accept this traditional gender role. Here’s my story:

Before we married, my husband and I planned for him to stay home with the kids because we knew I’d make 2/3rds of our income. Personally I didn’t see the difference between daycare vs. a parent but he strongly believed in the value of a parent raising the kids full-time so I decided as a Christian I better submit and plan our finances accordingly. Also, I didn’t think I’d be a good sahm or want to be one anyway. Plus, with my salary one income felt scary but do-able. and

However, I felt increasing unsettled at not being the one staying home. We both felt convinced that God directed us that I should be the one at home when I was laid off a month before our first baby. Nevertheless I felt pressure to contribute to the family financially. My husband didn’t pressure me, but something in me wanted the quantitative validation of value that money in a bank account provides. Not to mention extra income when living on a single salary is always welcome. Especially when we planned on a larger single income.

The guilt amplified through culture’s emphasis on career success, especially for women. Furthermore women are told they can work full time to contribute financially while also creating the same impact as wives and moms as a sahm and homemaker. That is a double whammy of a lie because it leaves working moms feeling frustrated, exhausted and thinking something is wrong with them for not being super mom with their limited available hours while also minimizing the value of a full time sahms and homemakers. The message to sahms ends up being that it doesn’t make a real difference for kids whether they spend most of their awake hours with their parent or at a daycare. That notion also indicates running the home can be done just as well on nights and weekends. Well, if that’s the case, then sahms and homemakers aren’t really adding value to the family despite the financial and often personal sacrifice. I’ve certainly wrestled with these thoughts and it is at the root of much of my resistance and occasional loss of joy in my role as a sahm and homemaker.

However, I do believe there is an in between. God leads us all to different places depending on our situations, skills and I’d argue even personal desires. For me, this longing to make money coupled with a passion to positively influence the world and the reality of needing to work from home led me down an entrepreneurial path. My journey of creating impactful income started with Beachbody fitness coaching as a network marketer. That path led me to become a Business & Mindset Coach for Christian women entrepreneurs.

I’ve coached women through diverse struggles including overcoming overwhelm, making big decisions, building confidence, biblical money mindset and staying aligned with God’s will vs. the pressure and expectations we (or the world) places on us. In pursuing this I created a facebook group that is mostly filled with faith filled entrepreneurs but I opened it up to all Christian women.

Throughout this journey, God has repeatedly encouraged me to accept primary role of wife, mother and homemaker (my least favorite part!). Despite my resistance, God is teaching me to step aside to allow my husband to step up as the provider while I prioritize serving him and my kids in the home. Now with a semi-surprise baby on the way, He confirmed this is not the right season for business growth to be my priority. That is why I am now blogging instead of coaching.

I believe there are other enterprising women like me that love the entrepreneurial world and deeply care about their family’s money situation, but who only want to pursue a business only if and to the extent that God directs them. So often it is about finding alignment with God’s will, saying yes to the best, not just the good. We must create boundaries to protect priorities.

The Wholehearted Homemaker is here to equip and encourage you to embrace, excel and enjoy your role as mom and homemaker.

That includes support around the Christian faith, motherhood, marriage, pregnancy, balancing your passions and financial pursuits, common emotional struggles for women, wife challenges, biblical womanhood, money (because it does matter!) and even fitness. After all, self care greatly impacts our energy and effectiveness of our daily lives.

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